Saturday, 28 February 2009

Routine Routine Routine

For the last three nights, we have introduced a new bedtime routine for my youngest son.

You see, he's always been a bit of an arse when it comes to the whole going to bed thing, but, hopefully - things will now change. We have seen an improvement, so hopefully it will continue.

I went to see my doctor yesterday to get the results of some blood tests that I had done. I'd be lying if i said i wasn't nervous. Unless you had complete faith in the health of your body, I think most people would be a tad worried. In particular, I was worried about my cholesterol, and diabetes. Cholesterol because I mostly eat shite, and diabetes because my dad had it. As it goes - all was well.

I do, however, need to exercise. Not exactly earth shattering news, but I'm glad he said it because it will (has) given me the kick start I need. Time to recharge the batteries on the Wii ! Joking aside, Yesterday, I went out and bought foods to assist me eat more healthily, as well as going for a walk for a few miles around my old haunts in Skelmersdale.

Today for the first time in years I have had a bowl of cereal for breakfast, instead of a great many pieces of toast.

Regarding the walk, I had my eldest and youngest sons with me, and it was lovely. I enjoyed pointing out things of relative interest such as a number of houses built in the 1600's, and the bizarre bunker like structure at Elmers Green. Take a look at the google map of things we saw, if you want?

I've really enjoyed having the children stay for the last couple of nights. On the first night, my eldest daughter didn't want to stay. As per usual, it was a half-arsed excuse, but it was her decision and that is ok. They are all such a good help around the house, especially with my youngest son.

Who still has milk delivered? 56p a pint in some places - it's just absolutely mental. People need to go out and buy it themselves, and the milkmen (and women) need to get a different job where mugging people in their own homes isn't involved.

Tonight sees us head to Middlewich to visit one of my wife's childhood friends and her family. I am very much looking forward to it indeedy!

I expect tomorrow will be about returning home, ironing, relaxing, and maybe watching the Clint Eastwood movie, Gran Torino. I managed to watch 20 minutes of it a few nights back, and it really had me captured.

Until next time...

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Quite Unbelievable

I have just read an article in the Daily Mail (how very middle England of me?!) regarding the war in Afghanistan. British intelligence has reported that they have heard radio "chatter" between members of the Taliban who have Yorkshire and West Midlands accents. These men are being referred to in the media as "disaffected muslims".

Has this country of ours really now got to the stage of supporting these muslim children from birth onwards, only to see them become "disaffected" in later life, so they fuck off over to Afghanistan and shoot soldiers from the very country that they legally belong to????!

This is a cause of great concern for me. Best guess is that there are currently approximately 2.4 Million muslims living in the United Kingdom. Now I realise that the number of those muslims who are "disaffected" is a difficult one to gauge, but I think we can assume that it is a very very low number. I don't know much about the muslim religion, but I would love to. What is it about muslims that causes a minority to be so angry with the land of their birth that they feel compelled to travel thousands of miles to fight?

I am singling out muslims here, but I know other religions have extremists, too - such as islam. I suppose the point i'm trying to make is that you don't hear much about Christian extremists. Yes, there was an incident in Paris surrounding "The Last Temptation Of Christ" in 1988, but before that, you're looking at centuries ago to find evidence of Christians being uber-pissed off.

So why are muslims and islamists so unhappy? I don't know, but i am sure that learning about the religion could only help me understand.
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Sunday, 22 February 2009

All change at the next stop

Something odd is happening to me. I can't fully explain why, or when it started to happen, but I do think that it is happening.

I am beginning to think about work - outside of work. I don't do that. In the past, I would switch off when I leave. Of late, however, I find myself musing over things that have happened, and things I want to happen.

Maybe it's the time of year. I have a meeting with my boss this week to discuss my development and set objectives for the rest of this year. It will, no doubt, be full of bullshit bingo words, but I can see through that.

I spoke to my ginger daughter on MSN Messenger today. (If I were more modern and "hip", I would have called it Windows Live Messenger, but i'm not so I shall refrain). She is funny. She is only 8 years old, but has a superb sense of humour. I do hope she keeps it into her adult life.

David Attenborough is absolutely fascinating. There aren't many broadcasters who totally get your attention, but what he has to say is amazing.

One day when I grow up, I will have some sort of blu-ray player, and the first discs I want to buy for it, are the BBC Planet Earth box-set. For me, they have to be the ultimate viewing pleasure in high definition.

My lovely wife wasn't feeling too well earlier, so I left work an hour early. When i got home, she wasn't as bad. I am pleased she isn't ill or anything. I like her a lot and don't want her to be broken. Like Mikel Arteta. Bugger.

I still need a new coat. Mine is frigged and the pocket is hanging off. I am not overly concerned at this stage as, I think, I generally look tramp-esque anyway. I can totally justify it because in my head, people expect me to look like that, so a pocket hanging off makes no odds.

My next two nights in work have got me a bit twitchy. Hope they go well, and no tits present themselves facing skywards.

I am furious. Furious with the hypocrisy of what appears to be most of the inhabitants of this land we call home. Jade Goody. God bless the poor girl, she's not at all well - riddled with cancer, and she's not got long left with us. Now I am a particular hater of cancer. I despise it and pray for a breakthrough to be made to help us rid the world of this horrific life taker.

My problem is that 12 months ago, Jade was being regularly ridiculed for being a dumb-fuck cockney chav-ess - which she is. Let us not forget the conversation between Jade and PJ in the Big Brother house regarding East Anglia. "East Angular," Jade begun. "I thought that was abroad". You fucking retard.

All of a sudden, because she's ill - she is the nation's sweetheart. Please don't misunderstand me - I do feel for her and her chav family, but I just think it's all a bit hypocritical.

A while back, I sent an e-mail to a lady called Sally Moon. Sally used to be a radio dj on "Red Rose Radio" in the 1980's. I was on a show with her one Saturday afternoon. I was the "young dj of the day". It was, at that point, one of the proudest days of my life. Sally works at BBC Radio Cumbria and I wrote to her because I'd heard a song on BBC Radio 2 that reminded me of her. She replied and said she remembered me and asked how things were going. That made me happy.

My legs hurt now due to a lack of motion and I am thirsty for tea, and hungry for crunchy peanut butter on toast. mmmmmm

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Friday, 20 February 2009

It's A Beautiful Day

Well what a lovely day I had yesterday. It started off a bit ropey with me turning up almost 15 mins late for an appointment with a nurse to extract blood from me. Me and needles haven't had the best relationship over the years. As it pierces my skin, all the memories come flooding back to me and I feel instantly nauseous. As if that wasn't bad enough, I'd had to fast prior to having the blood taken. Sadists, all of them.

Following that ordeal, I got home and had a lovely cup of tea (made by my lovely wife), and some toast. I then recruited my eldest son to assist me in putting some new felt on my shed roof. He was excellent. I couldn't have done it without him.

We then had lunch and piled into the hire zafira and headed up into town so my youngest daughter and son could visit the dentist. They were just getting out of the car, when the garage rang to say they'd fixed my car. I was... sceptical, if I'm honest. We collected it about an hour later, and I am now very pleased with it indeed, oh yes I am.

The hire car should have gone back with 1/4 tank of fuel in it, but it went back on fumes. I told them that the car was dirty when I got it, and she scribbled out the fuel entry on the sheet. Almost a bit too easy, i thought. Ah well - we've had the full deposit refunded now so all is well.

Off to Southport from there, and Hesketh Park was our destination. I've only ever been there once before, and even that was at night time, so It was good to see that it is actually a lovely big park. Lots of development work has taken place, and the park looks really nice. The children loved the animals, and the play area, of course.

As a treat, we headed off for a KFC meal for tea (the meal that is consumed around 5pm-ish). Well and truly stuffed, we set off for home.

I decided to avoid motorways and most a-roads and all costs as I was worried about getting stuck in traffic. I might have gone a bit over the top in my quest to avoid these roads, though. Apologies to my passengers for the meandering route home that I took.

On the way home, my two eldest children were sat chatting away to each other in a very adult, normal way. Not screaming at each other, or bickering in any way at all. It was so good to hear one of them put a point of view across, and for the other to comment and add to it.

To reward them, my lovely wife suggested we make a chocolate fondue. I was dispatched to the co-op for the provisions, and my wife and children had a lovely time eating chocolatey banana, grapes, and marshmallows.

A lovely sweet end, to a smashing day.
I love my people.

Peace and love peace and love peace and love.
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Wednesday, 18 February 2009


It's typical isn't it? I spent ages washing my wife's car - twice in fact. We then went out for a few hours in my car - got back, and hers was covered in shit. Bird shit, you understand. Not human. That would just be wrong.

I was gutted. Not one splash of it, no - I counted 9. NINE. That bird needs to see a vet.

I took it really personally, that the bird chose to leave the car alone for months and months, and only decided to shit all over it when I'd washed it.

I am pissed right off with people not ringing me back when they promise to. My bank (who i work for) haven't contacted me about a complaint I made weeks ago. The garage who are "fixing" my car - again promise to call me with updates, and never ever have, in the two weeks they've had it. They are all bastards. Grrrrr

My course in High Wycombe is looming. I've made the hotel and car reservation now, so everything is in place for my 3 days of torment with the bloke I'm going with. Can't wait.

We went to visit my Auntie and Uncle in Scouseland today. We haven't seen them in such a long time, it was lovely. My cousins son was there, too. He is a lovely little lad, who's got a fair bit of attitude on him. Just like his dad, as I recall.

I illegally downloaded all of season two of 24 today. They have now been converted from avi's to mp4's and uploaded to my ipod, ready for viewing. I can't wait!

Have I told you I have rediscovered flock? I can't remember. Well - I have - and thus far, I approve. I don't like it's yahoo searchy-ness, but I'm sure there is something I need to enable or disable or just able to make it use google. I used to love yahoo - i was it's friend. Now, it gets on my tits - with it's big red "y", and it's "do you yahoo" advertising. Shit off, yahoo. Shit right off.

I have indigestion again tonight, which is concerning. I have magic tablets that I used to have to take regular as clockwork to enable me to eat normally, and without the agony that I used to suffer. Eventually, my doctor told me to take them as and when i needed to. I've not taken any for months, but I've just had my 4th in 24 hours. My belly juices must be imbalanced or something. I don't know. Either way - that needs to shit off, too.

I just watched the Pet Shop Boys collect a Brit Award for best gays or something like that. I like them lads. Always have done, since the first time I heard West End Girls, back in the 80's. That song is properly properly su-frickin-perb.

Now I've got all that off my chest, i feel content.

My lovely wife is making washing up noises in the kitchen, so I'd best go show my face.

See y'z

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

And It Feels Good

Howdy all.

I feel good. I feel content. I feel happy!

I have just converted my sons cot into a bed for him, and I am very proud indeed.  My son seems rather pleased, too!

I am also pleased because I have just finished work for a few days. I am very tired and am looking forward to climbing into bed with my lovely wife this evening.  We are about to sit down and watch "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button".  I really don't know what to make of the film. I know little about it other than it's on for 2 hours and 30 something minutes.

We watched Slumdog Millionaire the other day.  I felt a bit that I was left wanting a bit more from it. It has been hyped so much, and is winning award left right and centre. I can see why it is winning awards, but - yeah - i'm not sure.

I am looking forward to seeing my children tomorrow. They will stay with us for a couple of nights, and I am sure it will be lovely!  I must try and think of something nice for us all to do whilst they are here.

I have decided that I now like the Flock Browser.  I have installed it again after knackering my laptop by attempting to upgrade it from XP MCE to Vista.  I somehow managed to use over 12Gb of disk space during the upgrade, and to say it's performance was degraded is an understatement.  Anyway - one format and several hours of configuration later, and we're back on track!

My car is still broken.  It's been at the garage for 2 weeks tomorrow. I miss it, and I want it back.

My wife knows about this blog now, which I am pleased about.  I've never wanted to hide it from her, so I sat with her a few days ago whilst she read it.  I would love to know if anyone else reads it - if you do - please post a comment to let me know!!

I am a bit indegestion-y at the moment, so I'll go and take one my magic tablets before settling down to watch this film.

Right then - until next time......
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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

People Watching

Morning one and, well - one.

I spent most of yesterday at the Trafford Centre. My lovely wife and child met up with some of her old friends, and went playing in a soft play thing. Whilst they did this, I went to ASDA and bought some..... 3in1 oil. "And", i hear you say.

Well for me, that was a really significant purchase. You see, I constantly need affirmation in most aspects of my life, and being a dad is top of the list. Dads have 3in1 oil, and until yesterday, I've never owned my own can of it. Now, I no longer have squeaky doors and if anything dare to squeak anywhere near me, I shall attack it with gusto using my 3in1.

I managed to squeeze in watching another episode of 24 on my iPod whilst waiting for my people. I've only got 2 episodes of season 1 to go. I know I'm decades behind the rest of the 24 world, but i never have been the quickest on the uptake of new "fads". Oooh Fads. Whatever happened to that DIY shop? I must google in a bit.

As well as 24, I did a fair bit of people watching. I absolutely LOVE people watching. It takes no more than 15 minutes to see every colour, creed and shape in that place. I saw a balding disabled bloke (the kind that shout random noises). I say balding - the monk-style hair her still had was properly ginger!

I saw another lady in a wheelchair, and she was very interesting. She genuinely looked like a box. She was a very well built woman, who's head seemed to have been plonked on top of her almost as an afterthought. She had no legs, so I pondered how it must be difficult to lose / control your weight without being able to, I don't know - use a Wii Fit?

However, my favourite thing I saw was one of the Red Jacket-ed folk who walk round holding walkie-talkie's, trying to look important. This was a female one - very pretty woman if I'm honest, but she had THE fattest wrists. In fact, I've never really seen fat wrists before. Maybe it was that - I've never seen them before, so it made me stare.

In retrospect, I wish I'd taken photographs of these sights.

Anyway - all in all, a good day was had. We also had some excellent news from one of my wife's University friends, who stayed with us just a few weeks ago. She gave birth to a lovely baby boy yesterday morning. Congrats, Nik!

My wife needs more exposure...... to public transport, and generally not driving to places. She is working in Manchester today and the 1/2 mile walk from Deansgate station to her destination didn't quite go according to plan. I had two "I'm lost" phone calls. I wonder how the trip from her place of work back to the station will go this evening?

Right, I have a lot to do, so I'd best get on and do it.

Until next time....

Monday, 9 February 2009

Doin' Me 'Ed In !!!

I like my car. To be fair - i LOVE my car. When I can be arsed to clean it and polish it and vacuum it's insides, it is (i think) beautiful. But - it's a great big pain in my arse, too. It keeps breaking. Well, it thinks it's broken. The on board computer constantly reports the same fault.

It's not three years old so it's all covered by the manufacturers warranty, but that is up next month and my ass is gettin a twitchy!

I had my children stay this weekend and we had such a lovely time. Initially, we had a party with some friends of ours planned, but their youngest son wasn't too well, so in the interests of the health of all involved, we decided it would be best to cancel it for now. I swear - keeping children well, and disease free is a never ending quest!

I prepared a (even if i do say so myself) superb lamb roast dinner for us. I did forget the Yorkshire Puds, but, it wouldn't have been an authentic dish prepared by me if I hadn't forgotten something!

Later on the Sunday, we ended up tagging along with my wife and son, who had made arrangements to meet some of her ex-work colleagues in Westhoughton. They are such a lovely bunch of people, I was more than happy to tag along. We all met up in the Wetherspoons pub, The Robert Shaw, and had a desert each, and then went off to the local park, just as it started to snow. It was fab. Freezing cold, but we had a lovely half hour playing!

Back home, with the snow increasing, the females in my family settled down to watch Mamma Mia. How utterly shit is that film? Properly rubbish. It was that bad, I went out in the freezing cold to get milk from the local co-op, then ironed for 90 mins when I got home.

I saw my sister and her son today. I don't see enough of them at all, but like everything, there doesn't seem to be any spare time! She doesn't drive, either, which doesn't help. She'll get there in the end, I'm sure.

I need to go and start preparing Chicken Chasseur. My lovely wife is working until 8 something tonight, and i said I'd have it ready for her return. Got a few hours yet, but got lots of baby entertaining / feeding / bathing / settling to do during that time!

The BBC still haven't e-mailed me back after I complained about local radio reception. I am such a sad wanker.

One thing that I almost forgot to say was something that happened to me this afternoon whilst driving. I heard a voice from the back of the car, and whilst it didn't sound like her, I became convinced it was my mother, who died in 1987. Very odd - nothing like that has ever happened to me before, so it has freaked me out a bit. Hmmm

See y'z

Monday, 2 February 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone

So yesterday afternoon, it teased us. It didn't go too far at first, it took it's time, but later that day it was all over us. It's snowing!!!

As those of you that know me (that's going to be nobody, then) will know, I LOVE adverse weather, and snow is fairly adverse.

I have been up since about 5:30 with my son (which i'm overjoyed about), but the edge has been taken off my early start because everywhere is white. It's beautiful. I only wish I had cause to go out in it. My black car is white and it's ace. Oooohh I love it.

I seem to be spending every spare minute I have fixing computers at the moment. I'm always swapping and changing bits and pieces between computers of my own, but just yesterday I finished off re-installing an operating system on a veeeeery old computer which belongs to a friends parents only to have to assist my brother in law with an itunes dilemma he had.

Just put Sky News on and I am amused at the typically british reaction to the snowfall we've had overnight. Motorways closed, all sorts of train services cancelled - the country is grinding to a halt. Utterly ridiculous.

Oh, and my son has just fallen asleep. 2 hours after he woke up. Brilliant.

I hope the snow doesn't leave us today. The weather forecast says the temperature isn't going to rise above one degree today. That, combined with no rain, should mean that it stays.

Right, i'm going to have another cuppa - or maybe i'll try and do some sleeping. Hmmmm.

Until next time....