Saturday, 30 May 2009

Horrible Man

So - I didn't get the job. No great surprises there, then? I was told that I hadn't passed the interview, but the interviewing manager believed that I was capable of doing the job. What is that all about then?

Today was the FA Cup final. Chelsea vs Everton. We lost 2-1. Ace.

My children are staying with us tonight, and i've been really short-tempered with my youngest of the four. He just doesn't listen. He's 8. I tell him not to do something, and 10 minutes later, he's doing it. So I end up continually telling him off. I am a horrible man. However, I have apologised to him for telling him off all the time, but explained why I was doing it. He just seems to forget what he's been told not to do. Anyway......

Cor - what a scorcher. Today has been roastio. Absolutely lovely day. After the football, we had a barbeque and play in the garden for a few hours, and it was boss! Warmer weather still is forecast for tomorrow so it might be paddling pool weather! I might add a pic of today if I can upload them and do all the fannying round that is necessary. Oh fanny - that reminds me.....

I write obscene words on our fridge in magnetic letters. Who doesn't. I forgot to remove the words "Vagina" and "Pussy". I do hope the children didn't see it. Bugger.

My shoulder is sore and needs rubbing. Wife.......

We have 2 big things happening on Monday. We are going on our hols for a few days. Only over to Scarborough, but nevertheless - it is exciting. And - we have an appointment at the IVF clinic in Manchester. I have to "knock one out". I need to load my iPod with porn before I go as their copies of Razzle and Fiesta just don't cut it.

We are ditching Sky TV. And TalkTalk. And O2 Broadband. Instead, we are moving onto the fibre optic Virgin Media network. We will save approximately £2 per month but - Quidco are very kindly giving us £120 for moving! Result.

Sorted out house insurance during the week, too. Managed to get over £100 off the cost of that by using CIS (part of the company that I work for). Another result.

Myself, and my lovely wife are off work for 2 weeks now. That feels soooooo good.

I have just made myself a small JD and coke, but I am really thirsty and want some lemonade instead. Be gone, Jack, you lovely lovely tasting fella.

Farewell, my friends. Be assured I will return.........

Monday, 18 May 2009

All Over Now

Hiya !

Not blogged for a while for the usual reason of "not being inspired to" (darling). The usual things that continually irritate me in life have been ever present. Things such as pensioners driving at 20 in 30 zones (including one doing 15. They were given a pip of the horn). I've also had to deal with some complete cretins in work. That's harsh, they are stuck in their ways and are not for budging.

Anyway - today has been a big day for me and my family. I had a job interview. I attended the CIS building at Miller Street and had an interview for the job of a mainframe Database Analyst. I was as nervous as I was a few weeks ago when I delivered a presentation to two teams. I wasn't able to eat this morning (which really isn't like me). I got there and babbled and bumbled my way through the interview. My only saving grace was that I have known the recruiting manager who interviewed me for over 10 years, so I'm hoping he knows what I am like. Almost to the point of discarding the whole interview and basing his decision on what he knows of me.

The relief I felt as I left the building was immense. My lovely wife had dropped me off there whilst she went eBay collecting and then she did a bit of shopping in Salford before scooping me up and feeding me KFC. I do love her.

If this job comes off, It will mean no more nights - no more weekends, and I'll slot back into Monday to Friday 8:30 - 4:30 work. The last time I worked those hours was 1994.

I've been feeling properly strange the last few days. It started in earnest on Friday night when I was on my last shift of the pattern. I felt dreadful from the off, and went for a sleep after a few hours. I wasn't feeling sick as such, just dizzy and light headed (no funny comments please!). Since then, I'm having intermittent bouts of muscular pain around my rib cage and shoulders. Ah what do you care, you're not my GP. Are you?

You know what else annoys me? When (usually) older people use the phrases "Web Wizzard" or "Computer Whiz".

I really fancy a curry with dippy things and icy cold beer.

I'm ooooover-tired and off to bed.

See y'z

(oh yeah - this blog title is the title of a Saw Doctors track. Got a ticket to go see them with a loads of blokes from work in December! Well happy with that!!)

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Two Down, A Lifetime To Go

Wowser wowser, Luke is Two!!

We held a party for him in our house yesterday. With the exception of two or three people, every single person in the whole world that he knows was there. At some times, it literally felt like every single person in the whole world was there!!

It was, a very early start and it was stressful at times, but on the whole, it was a great day. It was lovely to see him being so relaxed and chilled out with the 30+ people who were milling round in our house (you can always rely on the British weather to let you down). He was wandering round, speaking with his people, and generally being fussed over, which he loved! He received so many cards and presents, it was fabulous.

His birthday cake was an amazing creation by Lisa of Bob The Builder's head! She took a little too much pleasure cutting through his head when the time came to cut the cake up!

I didn't take enough photo's on the day, but I shoot a bit of video that I am going to try and edit over the next few days, and stick it on YouTube for the rest of eternity (or until the YouTube police decide that I have infringed some obscure copyright law). Grrrr. I uploaded an excellent (in my opinion) video of Luke falling asleep in his high chair last year. I spent ages editing the video, etc. and I put a backing track of The Beatles, I'm Only Sleeping on it. Checked yesterday, and it's gone. No email, nothing - just gone. Frickers.

For the first time ever this evening, my iPod ran out of charge. I was immersed in Episode 3, Season 3 of 24, and off it went. I think I have used it for playing music for over 15 hours in work, and probably 2 and a bit episodes of 24, so I can't complain.

I have been given verbal permission to attend my school re-union, which is this coming weekend. I am pleased about this, as I'd really like to spend a few hours just catching up with folk I remember from school. Luke's godmother, Joanne, who was at his birthday has said that she wouldn't mind attending, too. We could be good excuses for each other to not spend too much time there, whilst her hubby, Paul, sets up camp here, with my lovely wife! Could be a really good night!

I love baguettes, me.

Luke's had some very iffy Number One's on his birthday's so far:-
  • 2007 - Beyonce & Shakira - Beautiful Liar
  • 2008 - Madonna ft Justin Timberlake - 4 minutes
  • 2009 - Calvin Harris - I'm Not Alone
I wouldn't say any of them are classics, but hey - he's got the rest of his life ahead of him, to have a classic birthday tune or two.

Until next time.....

Friday, 8 May 2009

Dear Luke

Yesterday, I stole a packet of your pom bears. I apologise for this, but hope you can forgive me when you learn that they were prawn cocktail flavour. I will replace them for you.

So - your are Luke. You are a lovely boy, with a very kind nature. The only time you ever have to be told off is when you are tired. Occasionally you become frustrated when you can't convey what you want to say to me or your mum, but that is understandable.

At the moment you love bob the builder, postman pat and thomas the tank engine. You dance (in your own special way) to the theme tunes to all these programs, and more. By dance, I mean you stand in front of the television, holding on to the unit, and bob up and down really quickly. Sometimes you sing along, too, which is lovely to listen to. Something else you do (or can't do) is nod your head. Your whole upper body has to move, which is really funny to see.

I love being your dad, Luke. You have brought so much pleasure into mine, and your mums lives. Your happiness is infectious.

You know, and can say the names of all your brothers and sisters, and have recently started calling Robert Robert instead of hello. He is pleased. Also, you have just started calling Grandma, mam-ma instead of Mum. If you had continued calling her Mum it could have proved to be quite embarrassing! I totally understand why you called her mum. It was because your mum calls her mum. It makes perfect sense.

Right now, I'm in work. it's 3:15 am and i am very very tired indeed. Yesterday, I applied for a job which, if i get it, will mean i work normal hours again. I hope i do get it, if nothing else, just to work the normal hours, which will mean I can spend more time at home with you and your mum.

Today is your 2nd Birthday. We are having a party for you on Saturday, and all your friends have been invited. Friends like Scarlett, Sam, Ellis and so many more. You like them all a lot. I am sure we will all have a great day, even if it rains!! I am going to build your trampoline and try and put a playhouse together for you tomorrow afternoon.

I like this "Dear Luke" thing. I will try and do it more often, I think. Who knows - it might even spawn a blog-ette of it's own.

I hope you don't think I'm "un-cool" for keeping a blog. I am going to seem so old to you by the time you come to read this. Trust me - I still feel your age inside. Getting old for me is a physical process and most definately not a mental one. I still like all the music that I liked as a child. I'm not sure I'll ever accept the fact that I am an adult. It just seems odd!

I will end by saying thank you. Thank you for being my son. I am very very proud of you and can't wait to see you grow up and fashion yourself into your own person, and ultimately, grow, live and enjoy the world that your mum and I brought you in to.

I love you, Luke.