Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Bullshit Bingo


Apologies (to the nobody that follows this blog), for the delay in creating a new post. Been mental busy with work and with friends over last weekend.

I ended up booking Friday night off work because we simply had too much tidying and straightening to do before our friends arrived on Saturday to stay the night with us. Just about got it all done, though.

I think that the weekend went well. I certainly enjoyed it, anyway!

Back to work with a bang on Monday as we had system problems which resulted in me having to do 12 hours hard(ish) graft. Not impressed. Luckily, it had calmed down by Tuesday.

I am back in tonight and tomorrow night, so we will have to see what joys unfold during those two nights.

My son isn't too well (again) at the moment. Full of cold with a cough and runny nose and sticky eyes! From the neck down - he's fine. Venture north of the neck, and he's frigged. He is on 4 different medicines to try and rectify the problems. Poor little man.

I started twittering yesterday. Yeah - finally got round to joining and seeing what all the fuss is about. As it happened, when I registered, it told me that my email address was already in use. I asked it to send me a password reminder and it would appear that I actually signed up in 2007. Must have been drunk because I don't remember doing that at all.

So - pop over to and see what shite I'm spouting there, too, why don't you.

I am in bed, posting this, as I am about to try and get some sleep in before work tonight. Wife and son have gone to see her parents and sister in Macclesfield, so I won't see them again until tomorrow. It is that aspect of working shifts that I hate.

I have created a wiki in work. I love it, I think it's a brilliant creation, as does my boss. So much so that I have to attend a senior management meeting and give them an overview of what it does. Don't know why - they will never use it, it is the staff under them who would / could use it.

I have realised that this may be the single most boring post i've made on here yet. I felt I had to do this post because it's been so long since my last. If I would have left it any longer, I would have been worried i'd lose interest.

So apologies for this being a shit one - i'll try harder next time....

Friday, 16 January 2009

So.... yeah

Now then. Today is a rubbish day for wife-seeing. I finished my night shift early, and was in bed for 6:30am. My lovely wife woke me at 12:20, and as I walked downstairs, she gave me a kiss, and a quick child-handover before leaving for work. She's working until 9:30 tonight. No more than a minute did we spend together. Working is shit.

Speaking of working, I am being sent on a course with work. It's a 3 day residential in High Wycombe. The course itself will be very useful for me in my job, but I am being sent on it with a complete knob. Not happy.

In work last night was a fat bloke. Not a normal fat bloke, but a massive fat bloke. He was sat next to me whilst I performed some tasks on the computers for him, and I could hear him breathing and wheezing next to me. It was like his body was secretly crying out for help. He was telling me how happy he was that he had to stay late at work because it meant he could have KFC for tea. I should have guessed that before he said it.

I have lots of tidying up to do this weekend, ahead of a visit from friends next weekend. They are old friends of my wife's, and we spent a night at each others houses twice a year. It's nice, but I always panic like mad incase I do stuff wrong. I'm not the best host, you see. I don't instinctively know what to offer people, and when. I base my hosting skills on my own wants and needs. So, no matter what time of day they arrive, I offer them beer. They mostly want to drink coffee, though. bah.

I also find meal preparation tricky. If I have the time, I can knock up a nice meal using... ingredients. But on these visits, I don't see that I have any time to be doing that. As well as the feeding of the friends, we "have" to arrange for an afternoon out somewhere, to pass the time. I think we are looking at taking the two birds with one stone option, and going out somewhere nice for something to eat!

Have I told you that my beard has gone? Yeah - I did 13 days, and whipped it off. It bugged me loads after that long.

I am well cold, sat here, in my living room. That's a point. Some people have a lounge - I have a living room. Are they the same room with different names?

AND - (here we go) why is it, that when women go shopping for, for example, a jumper - they pick up a jumper, take it off the hanger, feel it and try it against their body. You smile and say "that's nice", and they say "I don't like it". Why the FUCK did you pick it up and take it off the hanger and feel it and try it against your body then?! Surely you would look at it and think "nah", and move on. I love my wife dearly, and I don't blame her for this bizarre behaviour. I think it just comes with the boobs and fanny to be honest. She has no control over it.

Heard this track on the radio a fair bit recently. Absolutely love it. It helps that she's utter filth and very easy on the eye, too!

Right, time to haul my white ass into gear and get ready, get luke ready, then go and collect my children!

Until next time, god willing...

Si thi

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Rainy Days And Mondays...

...always get me down. Well today is a rainy Sunday and tomorrow I am back in work on (what is forecast to be) a veeery rainy Monday.

I'm really obsessed with weather forecasts. A few years ago a very good friend of mine told me about Metcheck. It's fabulous because it isn't put together by boffins (isn't that just one of the funniest terms?) at the BBC or the Met Office. It's put together by boffins in their own homes. I like that. Folk who have a fascination so great that they have made the investment in monitoring equipment and have decided to input to this website. It's boss.

I ordered take-away food online last night. I had planned to make a smashing caserole thing but at 4:30 when i thought about starting to prepare it, i looked at the instructions (is that what they're called when referring to food preparation?) and they told me it would be between 1.5 and 2 hours!!! Myself and my lovely wife were mad hungry at this point. It was then that I had my epiphany. I remembered seeing a URL on one of the millions of take-away menu's that get pushed through our door.

I rooted it out, we consulted the menu, and in no time, the order was placed. It advised me it would be approximately 45 mins for delivery. 20 mins later, a gentleman arrived at my door with our food! Properly fantastic service. Check and see if you can do the same thing at JustEat. Again - it's boss.

I had a bit of an emotional roller-coaster visit from my children this weekend. I'm not going into detail but I just hope that things pan-out and everyone is happy. It's been quite some time since I had a wobble like that over them. Foolish me - I thought all that was all in the past.

Don't you just love the new advert for Virgin Atlantic. The one with the flight attendants walking through the airport in their striking red outfits. Maybe it's the lad buying the Big Country album from our price music for £5.99. Or the boy playing rubiks cube. Or maybe the Frankie Goes To Hollywood soundtrack. Or maybe just how unmistakably 80's it is. I love the 80's so much. It is my opinion that 1987 was THE best year for popular music. But i'm a sad wanker, so what do you care of my opinions?!

Ok - I have to go and do something more productive.

'nuff respec'. Shabba.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Why Oh Why

I haven't posted anything here for a few days now. Not particularly through a lack of time, but mainly through a lack of motivation, but now - I feel guilty.

Guilty is a stupid thing to feel. I have NO followers. No bugger ever comes here and reads this crap that I spout, so why do I feel guilty? I don't know - maybe I feel like I'm letting myself down by not keeping it updated. Ah well - now i've started....

I am 8 days into my beard. It has been stubbly. It has been a bit spikey. I had a day of tremendous itchy-ness, too, but now - it's soft. I'm also pleased because it isn't ginger. It's mostly my regular hair colour, but the chin area is a bit grey. Now I can't remember if i've said this before on here, but i've always fancied a grey beard. However, now it's here, i'm thinking i'm going to look a bit "Damon Hill". He really didn't suit a beard. I bumped into an old friend today, and she complimented me on my beardy look. Thinking about it - she was hardly likely to say "hey - haven't seen you in years - what the fuck is that on your face?" was she?

I am so hungry and have got soooooo much to do before my beautiful wife comes home from work, I really must go and get on with boring, yet important tasks. Ooohh - just remembered it's Friday night. Friday night is 80's night on Century Radio (soon to be known as Real Radio). A name change that I approve of. Who the hell cares about my opinions on this. I'm off. See y'z.

Friday, 2 January 2009


Right then. Here we go again. Another year - another lot of hopes and expectations, no doubt destined to crash and fail.

I had a smashing Christmas and New Year. My 4 children from my previous marriage are with me now, and will be going back to their mum today.

The lake at the back of my house is all frozen over this morning. It's been minus loads of degrees over the last few days. Driving round yesterday, it was a constant -3.5 degrees centigrade. That really is rather chilly. I hope the lake stays frozen until later on when I get get out there with my camera and take some "snaps".

I have taken hundreds of photographs of the area behind my house. It's just so beautiful and peaceful yet full of wildlife. I love it.

Day 2 of my month without shaving sees me looking just a bit stubbly. Not in a sexy way. My god no. You see these blokes walking round with a few days growth, and all sorts of girls either hanging off them or swooning all over them. I am SO not like that. I just look unclean and a bit trampy. Nice, eh?

I took a fabulous photo of my wifes bottom last night.

I was bought some totes toasties for Christmas. I was sat having a pee the other day (yes, i do sit to pee), thinking about how lucky I am to have such items of complete luxury. They are so cosy and warm and try as I might, i simply cannot slip on my laminated wood floor. It's a miracle.

Regarding Flock - I gave it a few days, but it wasn't quite what I expected it to be. It is good, don't misunderstand me. I want all my social networking sites to just load when I launch the browser, rather than me having to click buttons to log them in manually. Plus - my 1280x1024 resolution on my laptop just doesn't have enough height to it to be able to have a photo stream running as well as perform normal browsing. Nice browser, but i'd need a massive monitor to fully appreciate it.

I have a dilemma. During a sentence, do I use a lower case "i", or an upper case "I". As an example, in "i'm". Hmmm. It's not going to keep me awake at night, but it always does bother me when i'm typing.

Might blog a bit more later today. Who knows?!