Sunday, 20 June 2010



Thought I'd put in an appearance over here. It's been a proper long time since the last blog I did on here - which seems to be normal now.

I've just watched the last episode in day 7 of 24, and it was a good one!  It ended by highlighting the incredible bond between a father and a daughter.  Particularly poignant at the moment.

I have just spent 15 mins stood on the roof of the building I work in.  Not in a suicidal way, I hasten to add.  It is lovely up there. We have a roof garden and I love going up there at night.  It is so peaceful, and on a clear night like tonight, to stand there and see the stars shining, and the planes making approaches to land at Liverpool and Manchester, is very relaxing indeed.  I could spend a lot of time up there.

It's another facet of my personality that doesn't get used that often.  I like to reflect.  That's kind of what I've used this blog for I suppose.  But to stand alone and reflect in complete silence is an amazing feeling.

I've been doing a fair bit of tweeting recently.  I had 2 replies from Liz McClarnon which pleased me (although I will admit to hamming it up a little for effect).  I've also come across a lady on twitter who calls herself lady godiva.  She's a nudey and has a fantastic attitude to it.  She has been on telly (Sky Arts I think it was) when they did an all night live broadcast from London featuring different people on a plinth for an hour each.  Her hour was her, nude, on a rocking horse, "educating" people about attitudes to nudity.  As you may, or may not be aware, I feel completely cool about nudity and it doesn't  phase me a bit being in that state.  I have no idea where this woman lives or what she does, but she is amusing and interesting so she shall remain on my list of followers.

I feel well rough this evening.  My stomach feels rock hard and I feel a bit ill with it.  I didn't have any food before I came to work tonight and I still dont' feel at all hungry, which isn't like me.  Weird.  I probably need a great big crap.  I'll keep you posted on that one, eh?

We watched Jason Manford on tv in work earlier and I was surprised at how funny I found him.  In my had, I had decided that he was a bit annoying and I wasn't going to like him. I stand corrected.

I might have finished this blog entry for now.  I'll save and publish, but there might be more to follow. Not sure.....