Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Hairy Times

Hi there

Sorry it's been a while.  It's always been a while hasn't it?  Hmmm.

We watched a programme on tv the other night called A Passionate Woman.  It was a two-parter starring Billie Piper and Sue Johnston and it was absolutely fabulous.  It told a story about regrets.  A young woman had an affair with a man she fell passionately in love with, but he got killed.  As the woman grew older, the regret ate away at her and sent her a bit mental. Deb and I agreed that we would not go mental because of regrets in our old age.  I love my Deb.

However, she fell down the stairs last week holding our Luke.  Luke banged his arm and Deb bruised her arse...


Poor bruised wife.

Last week - in fact, exactly a week since, we gave Luke a hair cut.  He looked like a proper scruffy tramp so we decided that rather than subject professional hairdressers to his screaming, we'd tackle it at home.  Out came the trusty hair clippers and about 20 mins later, a tidy (ish) haired boy emerged.  He claims it hurt loads, but I think otherwise.

Speaking of hair cuts, I am noticing more and more grey hairs.  Around my ears, on my chest, and, of course - pubes.  I'm not massively bothered by it on my head. I must have mentioned before, I am looking forward to going grey as I will look distinguished and interesting.  Grey chest hairs - hmmmm. Not too sure about that.  Maybe when we retire to the Canary Islands and I have a tan like David Dickinson, maybe then - they'll look ok.  Pubes?  Just ridiculous.  If I was brave enough I'd wax.

Been working WELL hard on the garden during the last few days.  Got a load of photo's over at OneADayFor365Days blog of my progress.  As a result, my back is knackered and my shoulders hurt quite a lot.  I also burned my lip and tongue on one bloody hot chip this evening.  I was fortunate to have an icy cold can of Blackthorn to hand to ease my distress.

I am on day 5 of my 6 off and I can honestly say that I think this is the most productive 6 off I've ever had.  It started with a visit from my lovely children (minus Abbey), which was ace. Weather was perfect and our new barbecue was christened.  Lessons were learned from that, by the way. Following that, we had a relaxing Sunday evening with an Indian (meal, not person).  Monday saw the start of the garden refurb and tomorrow will see me getting Deb's Corsa valeted.  I can't remember what occasion I promised her I'd get it done for, but at least it's finally being done!

Right, that'll be that then - I'll do another of these sometime soon.

Be young, be foolish, but remember to be happy.

Goodbye reader...

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy & Sad Easter

Today has been a lovely day. It's Easter Sunday and all the people in the world who are THE most important to me, have been with me today.

The day went beautifully.  The children played, I did a beltin' roast pork lunch, we then went to Haigh Hall and played some more before coming home to watch Everton on TV.  The children went back late, and arrived in Rhyl shortly after 7pm.  It was my lovely wife's suggestion that I take them back late, and it was inspired.  Those extra few hours made such a difference to the day.

After I'd dropped them off, and was driving home, I got upset.  It's been ages since I got upset after saying goodbye to them, but for some reason, today was the day.  If I'd been asked at the time why I was upset, I'm not sure I could have said why.  I had a think about it, and I think it's because today was so nice, and then I had to take them back.  That, coupled with Luke being absolutely devastated about them going back - hurt me.

I then got to thinking about how lucky I am to have such lovely people.  I absolutely adore my wife, she is beautiful and I don't think I give her the credit she deserves.  She can be moody at times, but she's never moody just "because".  It's almost always to do with stress caused in her job.  My children are fantastic, too.  I am very proud of how balanced Abbey and Robert are.  Charlotte constantly reminds me of my mum.  Matthew is a loon, but a very caring one.  Luke thinks he's the boss of us all.  To be fair to him, I can understand why. He isn't though.  I am most proud of the fact that none of my children are "naughty".  They are messy, but so am I.  They are good children and I love them dearly.

Today has also made me think a lot about Christianity.  I realise that the bible is a collection of works that tell various moral stories, but Jesus born of an immaculate conception?  Even back to "the beginning" - Adam and Eve.  None of it makes sense, yet week in, week out, millions of people all over the world go to churches and worship the character of Jesus Christ.  Now, I was an alter boy in my younger years, so I'm absolutely not Jesus bashing, I'm just explaining that I've questioned a lot of stuff today. Stuff that you just accept as a youngster.

If you treat the bible, as I said earlier, like a book of moral guidelines, fair enough.  It now also seems hypocritical to turn up at churches for baptisms/christenings, weddings, and funerals, but I will continue to do it.  Ignore me, I'm just feeling weird at the moment.

I just had two spam fritters for my supper. Haven't had them in years!!  I have missed them. 

I shall go now - until next time.

See ya.