Thursday, 18 February 2010

Inside My Own Head


I had an MRI scan today.  I may have mentioned it already, but if not, I had it because I've been having dizzy spells for a few months.  I loved my MRI scan.  It made a low, rhythmic "thumping" sound througout the whole 20 minutes I was in there. Really enjoyed it.  I only hope I enjoy the results as much.

I collected our new car today, too.  It's well nice, it is.  To the untrained eye it looks identical to our previous Zafira, but this has 5 spoke 18" wheels and the last one had 6 spoke 17".  This has a panoramic glass roof (with electric blinds inside!), and this does not have any model badges. i.e. it does not say Sri on the side.  Oh - and it's a 1.8 petrol, instead of a 1.9 diesel.  I like it. A lot.

Luke has decided that he's going to be shy when it comes to using the potty.  He can't do anything on it if you watch him.  Not that we sit watching him, but even in my peripheral vision, I can see him looking at me to see if I'm looking at him.  As a result, he point blank refused to use it at his childminders house yesterday, favouring instead, to soak three sets of underpants, trousers and socks.  Things have changed today and he's done a wee on it. Well done lad - it's the future, that. 

I stumbled across what I think is my first ever blog today. I'd totally forgotten I'd done it.  Even whilst reading it - I was thinking "are these words mine?". How very strange. Have a peek here if you want. Not much too it so it'll not waste too much of your time.

Luke and I are off to Wales tomorrow to collect my children.  He is SO excited about it - as am I to be honest.

Got some ironing and playroom tidying and car getting ready to be done before we leave - all of which I'm looking forward to completing.

I'm tired now and I am distracted by this episode of Silent Witness which has proved to be very good.

Until next time - namaste

Thursday, 11 February 2010

All The Latest Goings On


Ok, so a quick catch up.  After going through everything we went through with the IVF, it failed.  Quite spectacularly actually.  My beautiful wife produced follicles, but there wasn't a single egg in any of them. This is despite her being on the highest dose of medicine to stimulate them into producing lots of eggs.  We were told on the day that this happens once, maybe twice a year, but there is no one explanation as to why it happens.  We're going back to see the consultant on Tuesday to discuss things further with him.

Our Zafira car is going to be sold as soon as is feasibly possible.  It has developed yet another fault with it's turbo charger which will cost in the region of £900 to fix. That, along with a full set of brakes and tyres is a bit too much. Brakes and tyres are a given, but If I spent the money to put them on, I'd only be waiting for the car to break again.  So we're going to go an look at a few cars this weekend and see if any take our fancy!

Google have released a new product in the last few days called "Buzz".  It's a new social networking sharing links and pics affair.  Do we need it though?  I am struggling to keep on top of my online social life with Facebook and Twitter. I'm not sure I need a Buzz in it, too.

Luke is doing REALLY well with his potty training.  Have a look at my other blog for more details of that, along with his amazing gift to be able to shit numbers!  Awesome.

Luke's child-minder, Helen, is off sick at the moment and it's a proper pain in the arse at the moment.  Not the girls fault, obviously, she's recovering after having some sort of operation. I'm not sure what, but I'd love to know!

I've had my new phone for a month and a half now and I've only just worked up how to upload photo's to twitter from it.  I disappointed myself by taking so long to work it out. Dammit.

Speaking of my lovely Samsung Jet phone, my lovely wife has taken the plunge and binned O2 off in favour of the splendid Virgin Mobile, and she too, will be the owner of a Jet in the next few days.

I'm in work at the moment and it's dull. However, I need to wee, so I'll go and do that.

Speak soon kids, speak soon.