Monday, 25 January 2010

Frustrating & Scary Times


I feel compelled to write because I'm well stressed tonight.  We started our final course of IVF yesterday.  Medication has been mixed and my lovely wife's belly has been stabbed a few times.  Then this afternoon she got a call from the clinic querying something that we know is ok but they don't think is ok.  We are under the care of a consultant who himself has had to go into hospital so is going to be away from the clinic for a few weeks. Whilst I appreciate his predicament - it doesn't help us.  As with "normal" pregnancies - stress should be to a minimum, and it's not.

Luke's being a complete arse this evening. He's being proper cheeky and refusing to do anything that is asked of him.

After waking up this afternoon, I moved all the furniture in the lounge and dining room out of it's place and dusted, mopped, and dis-infected everywhere in an attempt to deter that horrible bastard mouse.  Anyway - within an hour of finishing it, it was running round again. Fucker.

My lovely wife has taken to watching So You Think You Can Dance.  I admit, I did not sit down and watch the whole episode, nor have I watched it from the start, but my god - what a complete load of shite.

Luke has really started to develop his imagination over the last week or so.  This evening, he sat relaying a conversation between some of his engines. It was lovely.

Oh - gossip. Some bloke was shot in the face on the land behind our house earlier on today.  I say behind - if you leave our house and turn right - just up there. The police knocked (not all of them - just one) earlier to ask if I'd seen anything. I hadn't - so she want off in search of the perpetrator.

Whilst ironing my way through a mountain of clothes earlier, I was listening to my ipod. It threw out two "excellent" songs.  They were....

And the rather cheesy.....

Ah the memories......

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Weird Night

Morning all.

I had a weird night last night. Went to work at 7pm for a night shift but quickly started to feel "iffy".  By midnight I felt no better so decided to come home.  I thought it would be good to stay up all night because I'm due in work again tonight, so that way I'd still be in "night shift" mode.

Got home about 12:30 and had a quick chat with my lovely wife who was in bed.  I then chatted with friends online for a few hours before they all (sensibly) went to bed. Luke woke so I went up to see to find him in bed with my lovely wife. I said I'd let him fall asleep there (he was wide awake) and then go back up to move him.

I came back downstairs and watched Johnny Cash at San Quentin before drifting in and out of sleep for the rest of the night. And completely forgetting to put Luke back in his bed.  It was such a weird night because each time I'd doze (for a matter of minutes each time), I was having really vivid dreams about being a child again.  A recurring theme seemed to be that there was a car park barrier across the front door to my mum and dad's house and I couldn't get in. Very weird indeed.

Right - bacon butty time for me and Luke!

See ya!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Stinky Feet!

I am rubbish at doing this blog.

I've typed and deleted and typed and deleted so many times - just to get to this stage.

My problem is that I am running another blog:- which I am updating every day and it just seems to be using all my blog-energy.  I just don't know what to do !!

So - an update on my life during the last two weeks.  work is so-so.  Same old stuff re-hashed and presented to us as the next big thing.

This is all wrong. I feel like i'm forcing myself to do this and it's never been the case so far. I've made a few posts because i felt I had to, but i've always (just about) managed to squeeze something out to say.  I feel completely empty at the moment, though.

My children are with us from Wales at the moment and that is lovely.  3 of the 4 are, anyway. My eldest daughter didn't feel well so stayed in Rhyl.  Luke is properly over the moon to see them all. All 4 of them sat on the couch last night watching Forrest Gump, and Luke leaned into Matthew and said "I love you Matthew boy". He then leaned into Charlotte and said "I love you Charlotte girl".  I could have melted right there.  I feel so proud that they love each other so bloody much.  I see scally kids in the street assaulting each other and generally being little bastards towards each other and it upsets me. I'm not saying mine are like the von-traps or anything, but i think they are above averagely well behaved! :-)

My lovely wife treated us all to a Taybarns lunch today and it was ace. I was the most restrained I've been in all my visits to Taybarns, having only 3.5 main courses and no desert.  Well done me.  The children really enjoyed it and I was (again) proud that they each thanked Debbie without any prompting from me.

My middle son - his feet proper reek.  God bless him, he's only 8 so his foot hygiene is still developing.  I've squirted fabreeze in his shoes and bathed him in my lovely minty shower gel stuff tonight. he is a minty boy now.

Ok. I've said stuff, but I haven't gone on for ages, and I actually do feel like I got into the swing of it towards the end.  Sorry it's been another shitty post. I really will try harder. I think of loads of things to mention on here, but I never make notes of them at the time. I must use the voice recorder thing on my phone to keep notes.

I am such a sad wanker.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

New Year, New........


Hello reader

So here we are in a very very frozen Britain.  I loved day one of the big snow fall of 2010.  I got a fair few pics, which can be seen at my new "Take One A Day In 2010" blog.  I am being a bit more "public" on that blog. I regularly post links to it from Facebook and I don't mind who sees it.   This is more, well not private, but... not publicised.  It's not that I'm particularly hiding it. Well I am - a bit.

Aaaaanyway - let's move on.

I'm a bit pissed off with the adverse weather - well - I'm on the cusp of being pissed off with it.  If it wants to shit a load more snow down on us, then so be it.  We had about 18 hours non stop - which was beautiful - thanks, god.  But now - it's all bloody frozen. It's minus pissing loads at the moment and I have to go to work in the morning.  It's forecast for minus eight tonight.  That is too cold. There is no need for minus eight.  I have two cars to defrost and make drive-able in the morning, too.  My wife has to deliver our son to the childminders (fortunately just round the corner), and then get her lovely arse up to Bolton.  I shall be attempting a cross-country drive to Skem - in a Corsa.  Can't wait!

2010 has been a funny year so far.  I can't quite get used to it being a new year.  It normally takes me until February sort of time to accept it's a new year.  From March to May is a bugger. That drags.  May onwards to August flies and then it all slows down down down until November - when it speeds up again.

I am excited about getting a PS3 again now.  Our £250 windfall is due to arrive soon, and that is my PS3 money. Until I want a DAB radio in the car. Which I won't - because I want to change the car!  Arrrggghh. Money money money.

I sent a message to my eldest daughter yesterday, enquiring if her and my other children were all ok. Not heard anything back yet. She has inherited my disability to hold anything like a decent conversation.  Although - being female - I'm sure she'll snap out of it in time!

Celebrity Big Brother started a few days ago and I am llllloving it!! I am tipping Dane or Ronnie Wood's shag piece to win.  I think St Stephen might be one of the first to leave, though. 

I am sat here in my dressing gown (that sounds SO old, and to be fair - it does look old) and I am roastie toastie!!

I'll end this blog with the photo of my snow angel that I made in our garden. I was nude! Give it a go - it's.. exhilarating, and not THAT cold, either!

I know it's crap, but - I wasn't for messing round and taking ages to do it!

See y'z.