Wednesday, 31 March 2010



I should be in work tonight (as I was last night), but due to unforseen circumstance, I am not.

I dropped Luke off at Helen's this morning, only to be called to collect him about 30 mins later.  (10 mins after i'd gone to bed)  The poor little man had been sick a few times so Helen, quite rightly, suggested he come home.

As you'd expect, he made a complete, somewhat miraculous recovery within about an hour of coming home.

In this time, Deb had contacted her mum to come and look after Luke whilst I went to bed.  At about 10:30, whilst we were sat waiting, I heard a gush of water from upstairs.  I rushed up to find water pouring in from the ceiling in the Girls bedroom.  I got towels and put them down on the floor and flew outside to get a bucket to catch the remaining water.  the ceiling had bowed and the paper on it had an 8" tear in it where the water was escaping from.

I rang the CIS with whom we are insured and it is currently in their hands.

The resulting to-ing and fro-ing meant that I actually was in bed for a total of 2 hours 20 minutes, having taken two telephone calls during my bed-time.  Surprisingly, however, I feel ok at the moment.  I can't understand why, but I do feel a-ok.

I deliberately didn't tell Deb about it whilst she was at work, to avoid any unneccessary alarm or distress.  She's due home any minute and I'll tell her then.

OK - so she got home and was fine with things. Deb actually suggested a way we are able to get it temporarily repaired quicker than monday. I do love my wife.

The co-op shop was WELL wet this evening when I went. Well, outside it was, anyway.  Have a look...

So tomorrow I will be taking the corsa to be fixed, arranging for the roof to be fixed, and then letting Sandra go home so I can take full care of Luke again.  I'm also going to move the beds in the girls' room down into the playroom until the ceiling has been sorted out by CIS.

Update over....

Sunday, 28 March 2010

About Time Too!

I haven't posted on here for such a long time and most days, I kick myself for not doing so.  It's made me feel like I was at school again, and I'd always leave my homework until 10pm on a sunday night then do it and it'd be shit.  The only difference here is that I have no deadlines to meet.

I hope this isn't shit, though.

I am now convinced that my lack of blogging here is due to my daily blogging here.  I see things on a daily basis that rile me and vex me, and I used to come here so often to vent and it'd be make me feel better.  Well I've decided that now is a good time. It's sunday afternoon and I'm in work (on a break), so it's as good a time as any.

Tomorrow, I am going to be told that the building I currently work in is to close in two years time and we're moving to a fancy new one, somewhere in Skelmersdale.  We can see only one reasonable location at White Moss Park, so we'll have to see what comes of that.  I doubt very much that I'll learn anything other than what is freely available on the grapevine tomorrow, but if I do, I'll do my best to pop back and update you.

In the last month I've had an Ultrasound and an MRI scan.  Ultrasound because my belly has been hurting a lot near to where I had a hernia years ago.  The scan revlealed nothing abnormal.  So I went back to my GP who has told me to consume loads of Omeprazole tables until further notice.  Only been taking them for four days now, and I am not in the same sort of pain at all.

The MRI was marvellous to have done.  It, too revealed nothing weird going on in my head.  Weird things do go on in my head, but nothing physical is abnormal.  I was only having that done because I was having a fair few dizzy spells at the tail end of last year.  I've not had any for weeks and weeks now and I'm beginning to feel like a bit of a fraud.  I shall not chase that one up.

The power in the building I'm in has just gone off twice in 2 minutes.  Then the fire alarms went off.  We had a good think about weather or not we could be arsed walking down five flights of stairs and then go and stand on the other side of the car park.  We decided not to.  The alarms eventually stopped and I rang the (to be fair) moron security guard.  He told me he thought there might be a fire on the third floor but said it was probably due to the alarms going off.  We really are in safe hands here.

It's Easter next weekend and snow is forecast this week.  It says for Northern England.  It really does mean Northern though. Newcastle, Carlisle, that sort of North.  I maintain that we live in the North Midlands here.  It's a frigging long way North until you fall into Scotland.

I am starting to yearn for things I used to do that I don't do any more.  Things like my scanner. I spent just under £300 10 years ago and it is/was ace.  I still have it, and it still works.  I used to listen to the local constabularies on it but now they, like us, have gone digital so that's a no go.

I have also had desires to use a CB radio. I owned one of these for many years.  My handle was "glo-worm".  My 4 watt broadcasts could be heard all over the north west.  It was in the era of pre-internet. In a time when people actually spoke to each other.  Night after night I'd go "on the rig" and speak to all the friends I'd made on there. You would help taxi drivers or lorry drivers wtih directions round town, too.  Yes it's sad and geeky, but that sums me up quite well.

I also had a dabble at some DJ'ing a few weeks ago and that blew my mind. I loved it SO much, and it made me want to DJ again.  Being realistic though, you'd need to earn a fair bit of money to make it a viable venture. And you'd be out EVERY weekend evening or you're losing money.  Shades Disco. RIP.

My idea for a disco would be from a "classic hits, with no R&B" point of view.  Maybe not excluding every R&B track, but there would be veeery few. I think that offering soemthing like that would be good. I think people would want that.  A few weeks ago during a lull in work I priced up DJ equipment. New, albeit.  In the region of £2500-£3000 to get a half decent set up.  It's not happening is it?

I've gone on for a while now, so sorry.

I've made the website look a bit more 70's with a new template and fancy wallpaper. Hope you like it.

I am gonig to go and get some vimto and get ready to go home to my beautiful wife and child.  Then tonight, I shall sleep on my new memory foam pillow. Ace.


Friday, 5 March 2010

Just... Well - disappointing

That's the way I feel about things at the moment.  Work has been a pisser recently and I haven't seen much of my wife during the last few days.

I'm in work now (on a break) and when I finish at 7 it's home to bed then up for midday, prepare lunch for me and Luke, then off to Wales to collect my children who are with us for the forthcoming weekend.

I am considering moving this blog to Wordpress, from it's current host of Blogspot.  I am also toying with Tumblr, which is supposed to be aesthetically very pleasing indeed.  I'll have a mess with each and get back to you with the outcome....