Friday, 27 March 2009

Long Way To Go Yet

'ow do.

I met with the manager at work, yesterday, who has a job to offer. We spent about half and hour chatting about the role and what it involves, and where he sees it going in the future. I like it. It sounds like a job I would enjoy doing. But first, I have to complete the mammoth application form, get selected for an interview, pass the competency based interview, and only then will I stand a chance of getting it. As long as some Database genius doesn't come crawling out of the woodwork! Still - It needs to be done, so I need to crack on with it!

As well as meeting him yesterday, I spent time with a female manager whom I have never really spoken to before. I have developed this wiki thing in work to share knowledge amongst people, and she might as well of orgasmed when she saw it. I have been asked to attend an "away day" that she is organising for a couple of teams, so I can give a 15 minute presentation on my wiki. I don't do that sort of thing at all. It's happening on Thursday 2nd April. Boooo.

My lovely wife and I attempted another impromptu naked night on Tuesday. She called it off early doors, though, due to it being a bit chilly. Bugger.

I am working half of my night shift tonight, so I'll be finishing at midnight, instead of 7am! Bliss. Full shift tomorrow night, though. Or so I thought. The bloody clocks go forward, don't they!? Brilliant! 11 hours instead of 12. It's been a few years since I landed a clock change shift, and even then they were going back, so my 12 hours became 13. Frickers.

A good friend of mine has just found out his mum has pancreatic cancer. Understandably, he's cut up about it, but both myself and my lovely wife have spent a fair bit of time talking to him over the last few days, and I hope that between us, we've been of some help to him. If nothing else, just to be there to listen to him.

I got some great feedback from my lovely wife about my last post. She said it was really funny, and she'd enjoyed reading it. Sorry to let you down on this one, honey. x

Until next time....

Monday, 23 March 2009

Naked Night


I had a fantastic night on Saturday. I stayed in and watched TV. Does that make me sound like an old person? Do you think I drive a Nissan Micra? Well, I don't. I am old, though (the grey chest hairs prove that). BUT - Saturday was our first naked night in ages! Here's how it works - firstly, you get naked. Then, you stay like that for the night. You should try it - it's lots of fun because you can continually look at and touch your partner. Some might call it harassment - I call it naked night.

During the evening of naked night, my youngest son took part, too. He had a smashing time running round nappy-less. We decided it would be a good idea to get his potty from upstairs and put it in the lounge - just in case! My lovely wife was on the phone to her mum and said how Luke was running round naked but we had his potty to hand. My mother in law then suggested I should teach Luke how to use it by pissing in it myself.

My mother in law seems to be developing an ability to amaze me with the bizarre-ness ( I know that isn't a real word, but I am lost for one to use at the moment ) of things she says and does. The valentine card for her grandson (i thought) was odd, but suggesting I piss in his potty is a winner in the weirdness stakes.

Yesterday was Mothering Sunday, so I did all I could to treat my lovely wife to a nice day. She had salmon and eggs for breakfast, before we travelled south to visit her mum and sister, where we had a lovely Sunday lunch and generally a nice afternoon / evening.

It's right proper windy today and it seems to be blowing from all directions. I wouldn't like to be a bird today - I don't think they would ever get to their chosen destination. (by bird, I mean one with wings - not one with a vagina)

Jade Goody died yesterday. Rubbish timing, what with it being mothering Sunday, but I'm sure she didn't' have much say in the matter. Anyway, I feel for her children. Losing your mother is horrible enough, but yesterday of all days must have been (and continue to be) awful for them. Hopefully, the British media can now move on to find some other individual of limited intelligence to persecute. There are enough of them around so it shouldn't be that difficult. I hope Jade's passing draws even more attention to cervical cancer, and that screenings take place from whatever age is appropriate and on a regular basis. Furthermore, I hope her children are brought up in a balanced enough way to cope with their mothers passing.

Before I go, does anyone know how to change the clock on a Male 07 reg child? The internal clock on mine has gone wrong and it keeps automatically starting at exactly 06:10. It's not the end of the world, but an hour later would be lovely. Answers on a postcard, please.

Oh - one more before I go. I vented frustration regarding the rubbish new Facebook layout this morning. I vented TO Facebook. Not on some shitty group - nope. I found a feedback form which goes to the developers, so I fed back. Feel loads better for doing that now. User Twitter, dammit - it does what it tweets on the tin.

I think I actually could keep typing for ever. The bobinogs are on now, so I'll go and watch them instead.

Let's rock......

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Normality On The Horizon?

I had to attend a work conference last week, and it was rubbish. However, whilst I was there, one of the Managers spoke to me asking if I was interested in working for him. It would be a run of the mill Monday to Friday 8:30-4:30 job.

I have spoken at length with the lovely lady that lives with me, and we have decided that me working these hours is for the best. My four children that live with their mum are moving to North Wales in the summer (apparently), so the current arrangement for visits just would not work. At least if I wasn't working weekends, they could stay every other. Ace. Plus, if I have fixed working times, it will allow my lovely wife more flexibility over the hours she can commit to, without us having to rely on family help with Luke. I'm meeting with the Manager next week so we can discuss it a bit more.

Now for the awkward bit. My current manager is working hard to "raise my profile" and "promote me" within the business. I have spent the last six months working on an intranet based knowledge management tool, and it is superb. I am very very proud of it, and the idea was to roll it out team by team until everyone is using it to it's full potential. If the move goes ahead, I am going to feel really bad about leaving the project - but - I have to think of what is best for me, and my family. If I continued to work the shift pattern that I do, I would see my four children only during holidays, and only If I booked time off work to do so.

Our Zafira car had it's first MOT on Monday, and passed with flying colours. Well done, car.

I had the rudest dream yesterday! I don't often have rude dreams but this was a bit of a shocker even for me!

Missed out on an ace little TV for our bedroom from Costco. Gutted about that. However, the purchase that I made over the weekend of an Internet Radio is going to take the edge of it for me. I got it for £100 less than the cheapest online price I could find. Toys-R-Us had most definitely mis-priced it at £29.99. God bless'em. The entire UK stock sold out within a few hours of this bargain being posted over at HotUKDeals.

Today has been a lovely day. I woke up at 1pm after finishing my night shift, safe in the knowledge that I have six days off. The sun was shining, so we went into the garden and had a kick around with luke, dug a few weeds up, and made some preliminary plans for amendments to the design of the garden.

Right - I be off to bed to watch Shameless!


Wednesday, 11 March 2009

{Insert title here}

I have just got back from a quick trip into Wigan to get my lovely wife's glasses repaired. She left them on a table within reach of our son, and he "modified" them. Specsavers appear to have got them back into a shape that resembles a pair of spectacles, so we shall wait and see how long they last.

Whilst in Wigan, I saw an old lady. I say old, she was at best late 50's, more like early 60's. She had a very sheer blouse on, which, wrongly, i know, drew my attention to it. Furthermore, her bra was also equally sheer, and inside it, I could see a big dark nipple. Normally, this sort of event would be cause for celebration, but today, I just feel dirty and upset by what I saw.

I need to have a shave, but my neck still hasn't recovered from the last shave I had. More often than not my neck goes a little red after a shave, but this time, it has become most upset. I'll see how it is tomorrow.

I have gone a bit twitter crazy of late. I signed up at the end of last year, and as each day passes, I'm becoming more and more addicted to it. It shouldn't be so addictive, but somehow - it is. Come folla me now at . I recently started following Lily Rose Allen. Well happy with that. I've also had brief "conversations" (if you can call them that on twitter) with Mike Toolan (a local radio DJ from Manchesterville), and Geoff Lloyd (a national radio dj from Mattlesfield). Whilst both of these things are entirely irrelevant, they both made me feel good. (Such a tit). It's almost like it's because I see that they both have elevated positions in society, and I have somehow talked them into taking a few seconds out of their lives to type at me.

My god Mr Tumble gets on my tits. He is so bloody patronising towards children. Grrrr.

Right, last night in work, we were watching VH1 Classic. FANtastic music tv channel, BUT - half way through the amazing work that is West End Girls, by the Pet Shop Boys, it chopped it. We had a few seconds of a black screen, and then Eagle Eye bloody Cheery came on. Furious doesn't come close to it.

As I type, my son is sat next to me (watching mr pissing tumble), and stroking my face. It is beautiful. He just put his finger inside my ear. I take it back.

My other children are coming to stay with us tomorrow night until Saturday. I am very much looking forward to this as I miss them blummin loads.

Man United are on TV tonight, so that ties in well with my desire to have a beer. I'm sure my lovely wife will be up for that, too. She is creating a pork stir fry thing for us tonight. I was left instructions to begin the marinade process at 4pm exactly. It was 4:03 when I did it. Hope I haven't ruined the meal.

Ooohh - I just discovered (by accident) that my middle mouse scrolly button thing scrolls through the open tabs in my browser. I like that a lot! (in a sad wankery way).

Now - I must go and attempt to re-discover my living room floor. I know its underneath these toys and books somewhere.....

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Never Again


I am sat here, so completely happy because i'm in my own home, with my wife and child. It's a simple pleasure, but it means so much.

My trip to High Wycombe last week was awful. The course itself was really useful, and I am certain i will be able to do more things in work as a result of it. But - where do i start. The lad i went down there with - is an absolute embarrassment. He is in his early to mid 40's, and behaves like some sort of hormonal teenager. Walking along the street, and he's letching and leering at anything with a pair of boobs. One day, in the building where the course was held, we were sat with two other course participants from another company, and the Polish office girl walked through the room we were sat in. We all glanced at her, then returned to the conversation that was taking place. He grinned to himself, and said "I would". I wanted the ground to open up.

I was so pleased to get home, and get a lovely big hug from my son, and later on in the evening, my wife, too. I had a lovely night in my own bed!

Saturday saw us travel down (and left a bit), to Derby. We spent a lovely night there with friends and had the most incredible meal prepared for us. My sincere thanks go to Lisa for the amount of preparation and work that went into the meal. Beautiful!

We had a kind of meandering drive back. We decided to go via Macclesfield, but changed that last minute, and I can now say that I have been to (through) Congleton. There are some oddly named places round there. My wife was, however, very protective of these place names, as she hails from not too far away.

We eventually got home, and I watched Everton fight their way through to the semi-finals of the FA Cup. Well done, men!

I am going to do my best to stay up late tonight, so I can sleep in in the morning instead of having a sleep tomorrow afternoon before work tomorrow night! I'm sure some episodes of 24 will see me through.

Now for a nice cuppa.......

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Eye eye

Well that was a lovely weekend, to be sure!

We had a trip down to Middlewich to visit an old friend of my lovely wife's. She and her family put us up overnight and we had a smashing Chinese meal and it was de-lish !! It was the first time I'd really spent any time with Sarah, or her husband, Mike and both they, and their two daughters are absolutely brill. Can't wait to see them all again sometime soon.

I have a busy week ahead of me. Work tomorrow (which, selfishly, I'm unhappy about, even though I've wriggled out of my four nights in a row stint, in favour of one day), then a potential fleeting visit to the Fylde coast on Tuesday, before a drive down to High Wycombe for me in order to attend a course on Wednesday. It's a three day course, and whilst I'm looking forward to the course itself, I wish it could have been held a little closer to home so i didn't have to stay away.

I'm not sure what time I'll be getting home on Friday - hopefully won't be too late. Then on Saturday, we're off to Derby to visit friends, which (as usual), I am very looking forward too! I have Sunday off before being back in work Monday and Tuesday nights.

My brother in law mentioned Apple TV earlier, and I've been to the UK Apple site and had a good look at it this evening, and have decided that it's ace. But - I want more from it. I want something similar to it, but for that device to not only output HD video, and store ALL my mp3's, podcasts and photo's, but i want it to at least be a PVR, too. Try as I might, i cannot figure out appropriate search terms for Google. Hmmm.

My eye is broken. Well - it works, but it is damaged. Some little flying bastard thing went in it yesterday, and it has made the white of my left eye (right to you!) become bloodshot. It hasn't affected my vision, but i want to take my eye out, and scratch it like I've never scratched anything before!! Aaaahhhhh!!!!! It was fun at first, having a knackered eye, but it's just bloody annoying now.

My son went to bed quite well tonight. I can't remember if I've mentioned his new bedtime routine on here, but tonight was a good'un! Bath - milk - put in bed - pretended to cry for about 5 mins - job done. I took in the last 15 mins of the 1st episode of season 2 (you keeping up with me, here?) of 24 while he accepted defeat and closed his eyes. Sleep well, son.

(I will stop typing soon, sorry for going on)

I made a smashing curry today, whilst my sis and bro-in-law visited with my nephew. It was crackin'. I was also pleased that I managed to stay on top of keeping the kitchen fairly in-order whilst i did it, too! Normally, i use every single thing in the kitchen just to boil and egg, but today - I did well.

All this blogging regarding food has made me hungry. Might go and have..... some cereal!

Right - I be off.

Goodnight, goodbye, and thank-you.

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