Wednesday, 19 January 2011

What You Going To Promise Me This Time

yello reader.

At the outset, this post is going to be one moan about a broken promise, one comment on a broken relationship, and one comment about being part of a gang.  There may be more comments about stuff along the way, but - buckle up - here we go.....

So, following on from my last post about internet tablets like ipads, and samsung galaxy tab's, and the likes, I decided we should own an Archos 101.  After a faf with another store, I ordered it from Insight UK on Sunday afternoon.  I paid 10.99 (plus VAT) for next day delivery (translate that as Tuesday given the day i ordered it). Today is Tuesday, and it hasn't arrived.  I shall expect it to be delivered tomorrow, after which time, I shall email Insight UK and ask for a refund of the (some might say) excessive shipping charge for next day delivery. Because they didn't.  I'm going to keep calm and wait until the thing is in my hands before I start complaining.  My luck is such that the van it's being delivered in will crash at the end of our road.

The people who live in the (only) detached house on our road seem to have split up.  It happened sometime before Christmas (which is sad).  Over the last few weeks, on several occasions I've seen "him" staggering out of taxi's with a pizza box before collapsing on the couch watching tv.  The whole thing is sad, having gone through that and not having your children with you - it is sad.

Today, another twist, as e-on turned up to forcibly gain entry to his house - which they did with the assistance of a locksmith.  Once again, it's sad, but it was a scene that i've seen many times before from when I lived in Skelmersdale.  So, I'm going to give it 6 months before we have new neighbours.

Yesterday, a girl that I've followed on twitter for a while created a list of people she follows who are Evertonians.  She added me to that list.  All of a sudden, I received several new follower requests because I appeared on that list.  It reminded me of a feeling that I had towards the end of my time at high school.  I was never one to be included in things at school. With the odd exception, all of my friends were girls.  Things changed towards the end of school, though, when I was a mobile dj.  All of a sudden, it gave me popularity, and that is how getting those follower requests felt for me.  Popular.

I hadn't realised that that feeling still felt good. I could ananlyse the feeling all night long, but there is no point.  Everyone likes to be likes, and likes to feel that they are in a group, or part of a gang, so ultimately I'm no different to everyone else in that respect.