Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Stuff And Nonsense And Excitement And Stuff

Happy New... stuff to you all.

I was sat, this morning, wondering what I could blog about.  I couldn't think of a single thing.  So I came to work tonight, and now I've thought of several things that I want to talk about.

There is a girl on Twitter who's blog I've followed for ages. It is a blog about whatever is in her mind - similar to this one, but not as deep, but I can still relate to it.  Anyway, my reason for mentioning it is that I'm going to try and start headlining, or sub-headlining what my ramblings are all about.

Dragons Den
I have an idea, inspired by a Daily Mail article that I read earlier on today.  The article said that some children are able to text faster than their parents can type.  So that got me to thinking - what about if there was a keyboard, based on a telephone keypad, that would let them type in T9 - on a computer.  It could be handheld, like a console controller, with a bluetooth connection to the computer.  WHEN this device launches, I want a slice.

I am ridiculously sleepy tonight.  I started drinking espresso's earlier on and those two cups that I had pre-midnight have kept my eyes widely open up until now (05:20), when they are starting to feel heavy. Loads heavy. Can't wait to climb into bed.

7.5 Shifts To Go
So - 22nd of January sees myself, my ace wife, and youngest son jet off to Fuerteventura for 11 nights.  For the first time in our holiday history, we're staying in the same hotel for the second time.  I hope it's as good as we remember it being.  I certainly do have some brilliant memories from that holiday and look forward to making some more this time round!  I've even emailed the hotel to ask them if we can have the same room that we had last time. It was VERY handy for the pool! Shit, I'm so excited it's stupid.

Ipad / Android Tablet
With a glass or two of wine in her, my lovely wife suggested we buy an iPad the other night.  I was shocked.  In a good way.  I immediately spun into a research frenzy, and  - I'm not sure we should.  Apple have had a big spat with Adobe (the people who produce Flash), and so all Apple products don't do flash.  So - when reading websites, like the BBC for example, they will often have little embedded video's to accompany a news story - on the iPad, they won't work.  Applications on Facebook, etc. won't work because they all use Flash.

So - I'm thinking an android tablet thingy might be better.  The Archos 101. The Archos 70, and the Galaxy Tab are the ones I've got it down to.  Possibly the Dell Streak, too, but I've not done enough research on that one yet.  Further updates on my research will follow.

ASDA Entertainment
...are bastards.  I ordered Call of Duty Black Ops from them on the 2nd January. They tell me they posted it on the 4th, and still - it hasn't arrived.  I am most disappointed.  Saying that, we only received Take That Singstar from Play.com yesterday and we ordered that last year.  Maybe I just need to have a bit more patience with the postal service.  But I haven't.

Ok, that seems like a suitably shit post to start off the new year, so - until next time....