Friday, 10 December 2010

It's The Little Things

The little things in life are the most important - or infuriating.

I seem to be noticing more and more instances of dickhead-ness in general society.  Recently on Coronation Street a tram crashed on to the street.  SIX members of public contacted the Manchester Metrolink service enquiring if there would be any delays following the crash that they'd just seen on TV.  These people are out there every day, mingling amongst us.  Be aware.

Whilst driving to work in the freezing weather we had last week, BBC Radio Lancashire were telling us all about the traffic problems across the country, all very good.  However, the presenter went on to say "...and if you can't receive BBC Radio Lancashire, you can always check our website for the up to date travel situation".  I actually shouted "dickhead" at the radio.

I am having an ongonig spat with a corporate communications department at work.  I have never known a department communicate as badly as they do.  They have magazines and posters and big fuck off displays all over the place, but try and email them and see if you get a response!  9 times out of 10 you won't.  My latest gripe with them is about the hundreds of posters that have appeared all around our building telling us to turn the lights off.  With very very few exceptions, the whole building has sensors fitted so if nobody is there (or if you keep very still), the lights go off.  That is knob-headed enough of corporate comms, but they've gone a step further and produced a poster using glow in the dark ink!  What the bloody hell is the point of that?

Conversely, there are many little things in life that bring me much joy.  When my wife looks into my eyes.  She doesn't need to say a word, because I know what she's thinking - and it's beautiful.  The times when Luke randomly hugs me and tells me he loves me - those things money can't buy.  The little things that almost make me weep, and sometimes do, are the hugs I receive from my children as I drop them back off at Rhyl.

Music.  Music is an inconsequential thing to most people, but it brings me SUCH an array of emotions.  There are songs that make me smile like a tit, and there are others that will reduce me to tears.  How powerful is music?