Monday, 25 October 2010


Last night, we stayed at some friends of my wife's in Derby.  I was fed handsomely, and drank what I now know was too much.  I genuinely didn't think I'd drank LOADS and loads.  So I've been ill several times, and didn't eat a thing all day until about 5pm this afternoon - not at all like me.

My beautiful wife has made it clear to me that she's not impressed with the state of me today, and I agree with her completely.  My only defence is that it took me by surprise completely given that I really didn't think I'd drank as much as I must have done.

So, I am very looking forward to a month and a bit off.  We'd agreed to have  November off the booze, but I'm starting mine as of now.  I become a tit when drunk, and almost always wake up with regrets, mostly due to my silly behaviour. 

I hate upsetting my wife. She's my best friend, and I know I've upset her, which is crap.  I need to make it up to her.

Steps will be taken.

I am baffled as to how I've ended up with such a tremendous wife if I'm honest.  I have no clue what she sees in me. I have one HELL of a lot of baggage.  I'm fat, balding with lots of body hair. I ming.  If I take myself out of myself and look at me from the outside, I might be my friend.  No more than that, though.  I wouldn't want to visit me for a meal, or go out with me for a night out.

I'm already thinking of new years resolutions.  I'm thinking one of mine will be to tone myself up a little and try and give my wife something to love me for.